The April Fools Prank 2015 was an event that took place on April 1st 2015. This was the event that lead to Killer Kid. It is one of many incidents that has not been recorded for the show.

Story Edit

Thomas comes to William's house to get his copy of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 back. William says that if he wants it he'll have to run for it. William runs off to the park and breaks Minecraft in front of Thomas. He takes this by heart and nearly knocks out William. William escapes the park from Thomas's reach. In July of the same year, Killer Kid takes place.

Objects Destroyed/People Hurt Edit

  • Minecraft Xbox 360 (Smashed in front of Thomas's face)
  • William (Strangled by Thomas)

Trivia Edit

  • Even though this happened during the Killer Kid timeline, this actually was never recorded for an episode. However, William did destroy his own copy of Minecraft for the Xbox 360 and kept it at the park for Thomas to record for the 1st Killer Kid episode.
  • This is the main event for Killer Kid to take place.