"He deserves it!" - Billy to Regan in Killer Kids Submerge Wii U.
Billy Johnson is a minor character in Killer Kid, he was introduced in Killer Kids Exterminate Wii U.

Backstory Edit

Billy was born on May 20th 2003. He has had a tough childhood and has bullied people for fun ever since he was 5 years old. Many people despise him in Killer Kid all but Thomas. However in July 2017, they split up from each other for disclosed reasons.

Personality Edit

Billy is a zealous and excitable boy who appears to have satisfaction with tormenting others. According to William, he describes him as an "Asshole"

Trivia Edit

  • During his short-lived time in Killer Kid. He never took the series seriously, hence why he is grinning throughout the episodes he is in.
    • According to Thomas, Billy was shouting "Allah Ackbar" in Killer Kids Submerge Wii U. This is why the video is cut down and edited.