Dav'id Dunn is a minor character in the Killer Kid show. He is never mentioned by any character, since William has never heard of him. But is related to William Dunn.

Backstory Edit

Dav'id Dunn was born September 11th 1451 in Jerusalem, Israel. He served the Hashashins since he was 17, he met Alika and Eartha Temple when he was undercover and spying on them for the Knights Templar. He wasn't caught until 1475, his death.

Appearance Edit

Even though there are no clear pictures of Dav'id. He has been described as having dark brown long hair, a long, bushy beard and dark brown eyes. He has tanned skin and a tough like appearance. He was later cosplayed in a YouTube video, but doesn't look like how he is described.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is not known by any character in Killer Kid, he is a very famous Assassin when the Hashashins were founded.
  • His death was exactly 540 years before the first Killer Kid episode.
    • His birthday is also, coincidentally, the same day of the 9/11 attacks.
  • This shows that William and his family has Israeli descent.