"Apparently William has been... Smashing games behind our backs." - Thomas

Killer Kid Calms Down is the 1st episode of the 5th season of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on February 4th 2018.

Story Edit

Regan regroups with Thomas at the canal to discuss William. They both talk about how William has been breaking games for ages and they talk about a comment on a video about a game.Thomas recaps what's been going on then goes with Regan to find the game that belongs to William. It turns out that the game is Call of Duty MW2, and Black Ops is inside the case along with MW2. Thomas then shatters the disc in rage with a stick, and sits down. The video then cuts to a view of the canal, and Thomas says that he has had his time to "calm down" Regan claims that they've stood there for 30 minutes as Thomas agrees. He then reminisces on Minecraft and Thomas ends the video by saying that he hopes that William stops. And commands Regan to stop recording.