"What are you gonna do?" - Thomas to William

Killer Kid Punishes William is the last Episode of the 2nd Season of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on June 11th 2016, on William's 13th birthday.

Story Edit

Thomas is told to go meet William by the park, Thomas goes over there with Regan, William finds him with a bag on ridiculous and wants him to take it off. William takes it off of him eventually after an argument and William wanting the camera away from him, inside the bag is an Xbox 360 Controller and a Wii Remote. William destroys the Xbox 360 Controller by throwing it and then grabbing a nearby log and hitting the Xbox 360 Controller, Thomas pushes William and grabs the controller to look at it, he then throws it to the ground and chases William, he then punches him in the face and he gets knocked out. Thomas then chases Regan, punching him off camera.

Characters Edit




Objects Destroyed/People Hurt Edit

Xbox 360 Controller (Destroyed by William)

William Dunn (Knocked out by Thomas)

Regan Dunnachie (Knocked out by Thomas)


  • After when William gets punched, he gets bird poo on his coat.
  • When Thomas goes up to William in a threatening manner, he is actually talking about how destroy the Xbox 360 controller to William.
  • When William says "Get that camera out of my face!" to Regan, he can be briefly heard saying "Don't."
  • The video is similar to a unknown Killer Kid episode, due to setting, where Thomas gives GTA IV to William, with an unknown accomplice, in exchange for GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty City, which ends in William destroying GTA IV.