"You know what he did, he fucking tied me up for a week! YOU KNOW THAT!!" - Thomas yelling at Regan

Killer Kids Exterminate Wii U is the third Episode of the 3rd Season of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on June 21st 2016.

Story Edit

The video begins with Regan and William going to a swampy area where Thomas is about to throw William's Wii U (Which he got for his birthday 10 days prior to the video) with Billy. William finds Thomas and tries to stop him throwing the Wii U in the lake. But William fails and starts to get angry. Billy and Thomas begin to harass Regan and William. Later on, William begins to swear at Thomas about how he lost his Wii U. Eventually, William leaves and Regan chases both Billy and Thomas down with a huge stick.

Objects Destroyed/People Hurt Edit

William's Wii U (Thrown in lake by Thomas and Billy)

Trivia Edit