"Don't point the gun at me!" - Regan Dunnachie to William, on 'Killer Kid Interrogation Part 2'
Regan Dunnachie is the tritagonist in the Killer Kid Show, he was first introduced on Killer Kid Punishes William. He has been helping William over the destruction ever since.

Backstory Edit

Regan Ryan Dunnachie was born December 31st 2002. Little is known about his backstory apart from he has known William ever since 2010, he was also once best friends with Thomas. He was kidnapped by William in June 2016 and hasn't been seen until July 2017 when he was saved by Thomas in Killer Kid Saves Regan.

Appearance Edit

Regan has dark brown hair and light blue eyes. He has light pale skin and a slender like appearance. He usually wears tracksuit bottoms and a blue shirt.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Killer Kid Universe, Regan has known William ever since 2010. However, they actually met in 2014.