The Killer Kid Show is a YouTube Show made by Thomas Temple and William Dunn in 2015. The show consists of two friends who later become enemies in the struggle of their lives and families.

Cast Edit

Thomas Temple

William Dunn

Regan Dunnachie

Billy Johnson

Trivia Edit

  • Killer Kid was going to be called 'Furious Friend' but this idea was scrapped.
  • The show was said to be real by Thomas and William but as people were threatening to call the police and get their parents involved, they later confirmed it was fake.
  • William's favourite game in the Killer Kid Universe is Aliens: Colonial Marines, however out of his character, his actual favourite game is Bioshock Infinite.
  • In 'A Message To Tomversal' Tyler is played by Thomas due to Tyler being unavailable to be on the episode.
  • Killer Kid is a real show about kids with criminal history.
  • Most of the episodes are in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. This is why you really never see a Killer Kid episode in Winter because of the cold and mostly snowy conditions.
  • Killer Kid was supposedly cancelled by William on January 2017 because of the way he acted on video would upset his parents, this was not true however.
  • There are many deleted or unused Killer Kid episodes. One of which was where William acted out of character and started singing 'Mary had a little Lamb'.
  • None of the Killer Kid episodes have been scripted, this is why William doesn't end his sentences properly.
  • William's parents and family aren't actually abusive.
  • William's favourite film in the Killer Kid Universe is Coraline, however he actually hates the film, saying it is a 'Confusing mess of a film.'
  • Regan Dunnachie in the Killer Kid Universe, has known William since 2010. However in real life, they met each other in 2014.