Thomas Temple is the leading antagonist of the Killer Kid Show, he is seen as a hot headed psychopath by William. But others think he is brave and feel pity for him. He has anger issues and was born with ADHD.

Backstory Edit

Thomas was born September 20th 2002, little is known about his backstory apart from that he met William in Nursery School in 2007. After an 'April fools joke' William played on Thomas by smashing his copy of Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition. After that moment, Thomas has destroyed several of William's electronics, one of them being his Xbox 360 Controller. Thomas met Billy Johnson in June 2015 and hasn't told William about it until an exact year later.

Appearance Edit

Thomas has brown hair and greenish grey eyes, he wears a Minecraft T Shirt mostly, with a blue jacket. He is tall and has a medium build body.

Trivia Edit

  • Thomas is a big fan of Minecraft and the Xbox 360, however, in reality he doesn't like the direction Minecraft is heading in but he does like the Xbox 360.
  • The only episodes of Thomas crying in Killer Kid is in Vlog 2 - False Apology and an unknown Killer Kid episode, however the crying sounds fake.