"I got shot in the fucking knee! Shit!" - Tyler during A message to Tomversal
Tyler Hodgson is the Catalyst of Killer Kid, he is never seen in an episode but is heard, he helps William and Thomas during the situations in the episodes, he is only been in one episode and has been referenced in others by both Thomas and William simultaneously. As mentioned in Vlog 8 - Tyler Is Real, Tyler is a vision that both William and Thomas are seeing in their heads.

Backstory Edit

Tyler was born on December 30th 2002, nothing is known about his backstory apart from that he met Thomas and William in November 2015.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is not seen but has been described once by Thomas, saying that he has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • During A message to Tomversal, Tyler is not seen because he is not in the episode, Thomas played his part.
  • Tyler is a fragment of Thomas's imagination and that he isn't real.
    • Although William supposedly interacted with Tyler in A Message to Tomversal, it turns out that William shot Thomas in the knee. Not Tyler.
  • Tyler can be compared to Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty Black Ops, they both could be real people and are figments of character's heads.
  • Tyler is an actual real person who is friends with both Thomas and William. The real Tyler wanted to be in Killer Kid, however he had second thoughts.