"FUCK OFF OUT OF MY HEAD! FUCK OFF!" - Thomas referring to Tyler

Vlog 11 - Support is the 11th Vlog of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on November 12th 2017.

Story Edit

The video begins with an angered Thomas destroying William's copy of Saints Row 1, beforehand Thomas is glad that the game isn't pirated. But is still angry at William. After destroying the game, Thomas contemplates on Regan and his failing YouTube career. Thomas then sees Tyler once again, he shouts at Tyler for him to get out of his head. The video then ends with Thomas saying he will not destroy the game anymore.

Characters Edit

  • Thomas
  • William (Mentioned)
  • Regan (Mentioned)
  • Tyler (Mentioned, seen by Thomas)
  • Thomas's YouTube fan (Mentioned)

Objects Destroyed/People Hurt Edit

  • Saints Row 1 (Stabbed by Thomas)

Trivia Edit

  • Saints Row 1 turned into William's new favourite game after Thomas destroyed Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  • It turns out that both William and Thomas are in Year 10 as of 2017, meaning they started Nusery around 2006/2007 and making them 14/15 years old in 2017.