"This is where Billy and I threw the Wii U" - Thomas referring to Killer Kids Destroy Wii U

Vlog 8 - Tyler Is Real is the 8th vlog of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on July 23rd 2017.

Story Edit

The video begins with Thomas and Regan overlooking the view where the Wii U was destroyed. They both talk about William and how selfish he is and how times have changed. Later on, Regan refers to Tyler when Thomas says that Tyler is with them both, when he is not there. Sometime later, Regan and Thomas argue about how Tyler is not with them and that it's just the heat getting to Thomas. Shortly afterwards, Thomas gets angry about how Tyler is near them. And sees that he's going and appears further away in Thomas' vision. The video dramatically ends when Regan closes in on Thomas, as he aggressively says "Back off" and closes the camera. Off camera, Thomas supposedly ran back to his house.

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William (Mentioned)

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode of Killer Kid somehow reminds William of Call of Duty Black Ops, his favourite Call of Duty game.