"I can't live a normal life because of you!" - Thomas exclaiming on camera, referring to William

Vlog 9 - Broken is the 9th vlog of the Killer Kid Show. The video was published on July 23rd 2017 along with Vlog 8 - Tyler Is Real.

Story Edit

The video starts with Thomas saying "Sorry" with a microphone and throwing it to the ground, he gets slowly angry and shouts about how William has ruined his life, how Tyler is real and that William should leave him alone before Thomas does something he regrets. Thomas then starts pointing at the wall saying "Tyler's there, he's right there supporting me! Do you not see him?" Thomas then carries on about Tyler how is real and how Regan doesn't believe he is, and how Tyler got shot in the knee and how he has had enough of this. The video immediately ends with Thomas yelling "Goodbye!".

Characters Edit


William (Mentioned)

Tyler (Mentioned, seen by Thomas)

Regan (Mentioned)

Trivia Edit

  • This video seems to be Thomas's breaking point through the rest of the series.