"Go away, you coward!" - William Dunn, in the episode 'Killer Kids Exterminate Wii U'
William Dunn is the leading protagonist of the Killer Kid show, he is seen as a quiet and shy person as a child. But as he becomes a teenager, he becomes more aggressive.

Backstory Edit

William was born on June 11th 2003 in England, his father verbally abuses him, pirates DVDs and Video Games and is also an alcoholic. He met his former ally, Thomas Temple in 2007 at Nursery School, they were best friends. In 2012, both of William's parents separated and William has never been the same again. In 2015 when William played an 'April fools joke' on Thomas by destroying his copy of Minecraft on the Xbox 360. After that, their friendship has fell apart over the years. Shortly after Thomas broke William's copy of Aliens: Colonial Marines, William looked for new games to play and was introduced to Saints Row. Up until that point, William has become a big fan of Saints Row.

Appearance Edit

William has dark brown hair and blue eyes, he has light pale skin as well as glasses, that he has been wearing since 2011. He usually wears blue, due to it being his favourite colour. He is 5'8" tall.

Personality Edit

William is very anti-social and docile at a young age. However, during the course of Killer Kid as William ages, he becomes more ill-tempered and spiteful. He rarely sweared until his breaking point in Killer Kids Destroy Wii U. William tends to enjoy video games and films that are not accepted by many people.

Trivia Edit

  • In most episodes of Killer Kid, it is stated that William's favourite game is Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, this is false. His actual favourite video games series' are Bioshock, Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, Fallout and Uncharted.
    • William's favourite game after that point turns to be the original Saints Row, which is one of William's actual favourite games.
    • William's love for more recent games is apparent in both real life and Killer Kid, however he accepts retro gaming.
  • William character's favourite colour is blue, however his actual favourite colour is purple.
    • The colour purple is a dominant colour in Saints Row, William's favourite game.
  • William unfortunately left Killer Kid in February 2018, but has decided to come back in late March, for a more detailed description please read William's Departure.
  • All of William's Killer Kid vlogs have names beginning with the letter 'R' this is unknown why.

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