"Then shut up and stop carrying on!" - Thomas to William

William Smashes Thomas' Camera is the sixth episode of the fourth season of Killer Kid. It was uploaded to YouTube on May 5th 2017 but was recorded in March.

Story Edit

A week after Killer Kid Revival, Thomas comes to William's house to say how much of a liar he is. William takes Thomas' camera that William has kept since 2014 and destroys it. Thomas and William argue about how they keep destroying things and how the Killer Kid Revival video is fake. After a conversation about Thomas' favourite game William is chased by Thomas and after the video ends, Thomas takes Oddworld, his favourite game, back from William.

Characters Edit



Objects Destroyed/People Hurt Edit

Thomas' Camera (Destroyed by William)

Trivia Edit

  • The video was originally titled "William Smashes Thomas' Character" this was due to an autocorrect error. This was later changed.